• Charlotte Brenner

    Different times of the year bring wholly different visions of what destinations are desirable and what aren’t: this means that booking a beach holiday can become a much cheaper deal when there’s less people doing the same thing, and most resorts keep lower prices to encourage bookings.

    This is particularly true in autumn, when less people consider a sunny breakaway as a consequence of summer holidays being still a relatively recent memory, and chillier temperatures start taking over some of the sunniest countries. But that applies only to certain destinations, and last-minute deals to the warmer parts of the Med are still a blessing in October.

    Think of the Southern coast of Turkey, for instance: temperatures of 25C are easily reached around this time of the year in the Antalya area, or go across the Aegean Sea towards Crete, where temperatures won’t be that different. Similar rules apply to the whole Southern half of the Mediterranean.

    Chania, Crete

    Chania, Crete

    The main advantage of reaching these otherwise crowded holiday destinations in October is in fact the greater level of tranquillity you’ll  enjoy, while still being able to spend most of your time outdoors or by the beach. And because of the varied and millennial cultural heritage, a trip to these countries will come with many possibilities for inland exploration and archaeological discovery. Take Crete, for instance, where Minoan ruins and temples can be found all around the island.

    Finally, October is also a good time to plan ahead: Christmas holidays are really not that far, but the Christmas craze has not officially started yet. Allowing you to enjoy all the best bits of an enchanted land that shows its best side during the last month of the year, daytrips to Lapland are becoming increasingly popular for all families who want to show their children the land of Santa.  If you book them now, you will be sure to have your place booked for very exclusive trips which historically have very limited availability.

    Images by Lali Masriera and Romtomtom under a creative commons licence