• Charlotte Brenner

    From home to airport, plane to resort, here’s our guide to getting your holiday off to the best possible start by making your travelling experience as smooth as possible.

    1.   If the idea of turbulence makes your stomach do backflips, then get a seat by the wing of the plane if you can. Planes are very much like boats in the sense that when they wobble, the centre of the plane stays relatively steady. You can prebook your seat on selected Falcon holiday flights.


    2. If you’re going to rely on electronic gadgetry to keep you amused at the airport and on your flight, make sure you take a spare battery or charger. With the announcement recently that airlines may allow you to use your smartphone and tablets for the whole flight, even during take-off and landing, you don’t want to run out of juice.

    3. When getting ready for your flight, put on some comfortable, slip-on shoes. Not only will you be able to kick them off easily once you’re settled on the plane, you’ll also be able to quickly whip them off at security if required.

    Get through security with ease

    Get through security with ease

    4. Speaking of security, us humans are creatures of habit and very predictable. Because the majority of us are right-handed, we will naturally turn right when we enter a building or when given a choice at airport security. Therefore, take the line to your left as more often than not, it will be the shortest and you can breeze through that bit quicker.

    5. While you are waiting in line, transfer everything from your pockets into your carry-on bag, including your belt and anything else metallic, so that you can simply put one item through rather than have to faff when it’s your turn.

    6. Remember that planes aren’t like buses. When your flight is called, don’t feel the need to join the queue. Finish that chapter in your book, polish off your coffee and board when the first wave is over. You’ll definitely get a seat and the crew will help you store your carry-on if necessary!

    7. Be prepared to keep the kids amused. Here are five fun ways to make sure they behave and make sure you and your fellow passengers have a relaxing flight.


    Spot your luggage a mile away

    Spot your luggage a mile away

    8. We’ve all stood at the baggage carousel, frantically scanning a sea of dark-coloured suitcases, desperate to spot our own. Conventional wisdom has been to tie a brightly coloured ribbon around the handle but you might find everyone else is doing that so you’re back to square one! Why not invest in some distinctive brightly-coloured luggage instead?

    9. If you have to go through passport control when you land, choose a queue that is next to a closed desk. If the airport authorities see a backlog building up and put on more staff, you’ll be in prime position to shuffle across to the new one so that your holiday can really start as soon as possible!

    10. Be polite and smile at all times. Whether it’s to check-in staff, security staff, aircrew or fellow passengers, remember you’re on holiday and happiness is contagious!

    Images by hartlandmartin, A.Currell, FulgentKlutz used under creative commons licence