• Charlotte Brenner

    The travelling part of getting to your final destination sometimes gets a bit tedious for the kids — but it doesn’t have to be! With an iPad or a smartphone at your disposal families can access loads of apps that will divert their attention for an hour or two when you set out on your family holiday. We’ve put together a list of 7 child friendly apps that will put a smile on their faces…

    Night Zookeeper Teleporting Torch

    The Night Zookeeper community is a fun, safe environment for kids to play, create and learn online. The teleporter torch app delivers free daily drawing activities to your iPad. Kids use the app to draw magical creatures that live in the night zoo. With interactive quests, tasks and drawing challenges this stylish app is brilliant for encouraging creativity.

    Talking Tom

    Kids will love to have this cute cat on their device. The cat responds to touch, and if you say something he will repeat it back to you. You can also download apps of some of Tom’s friends, such as Talking Ben and the object of Tom’s affections, Talking Angela.

    Gocco Zoo

    Another app that takes the zoo theme and plays around with it to great effect is Gocco Zoo for Android. This app lets you tend to the animals’ needs, feed them, play with them and even paint on them. The animals might even start performing tricks if your children look after them well enough! This app offers endless play and will really stimulate their imagination.

    Kung Fu Robot

    Kung Fu Robot is a lively character famous for eating ice cream sandwiches and holding awards for unicycling. This comic book style swipe-and-read game has a great story with lots of engaging chapters. It will keep your kids going even on the most tedious journeys.

    Disney Storytime

    Which child doesn’t love Disney? The multitude of Disney characters are so well known that it won’t be hard to get your kids interested in this reading app. Parents buy credits which buy books and kids spend the credits as they find books they want to read. The imaginative design and original stories in this app make for a real quality purchase.

    Dreamworks Dragons Adventure

    This adventure arcade game is suitable for kids who are a little bit older. The immersive graphics blend real world landmarks with fictional environments to create the world of this popular film franchise. Kids take part in a variety of challenges that range from transporting sheep to flying a dragon.

    Eli Explorer

    This learning app for children is adorable and very educational. The app allows kids to explore a colourful interactive world and add to their vocabulary at the same time. The app is easy to use from toddler age and up with a simple tap and drag concept.

    The majority of these apps do not allow in-game purchases. However, you should always double-check your child isn’t spending lots of money on any app you purchase.

    Images by danr13 and DragonImages, taken from iStock, and Jeff Sandquist, used under Creative Commons licence