A place to stay right on the beachfront — that sounds magical, doesn’t it? With Falcon and Thomson Platinum holidays, that’s all perfectly possible. These holidays place you in privileged beachside locations, providing you with many advantages for an even better holiday. Here are seven things you can only do if your hotel is practically on the beach.

    Afford To Be Lazy

    When you plan a beach day out, you have to get up a bit earlier to pack everything you’re going to need for the day and make for the sea. Since your hotel is practically on the beach, however, you can take the bare minimum and step back into your room if you need anything else. You don’t have to waste time searching for a parking spot either, which is another bonus.

    Get The Best Spot In The Morning

    Bag the best spots on the beach in the mornings. You can save them every single day of your holiday! The fact that you don’t have to walk far also allows you to capitalise on all those hours of sunshine and squeeze in some fun water sports activities as well. You don’t have to surrender a good spot simply because you ran out of change for the parking meter and had to leave.


    Evening Strolls In The Sand

    A romantic or relaxing stroll on the sand is the perfect way to round the day’s adventures off. The soothing sound of the waves and the texture of the silky sand will make you feel totally calm after a day of adventures.

    Enjoy The View From Your Room

    After that lovely stroll on the sand the night before, the good vibrations continue into the next day. Wake up, look out of the window and you will see a glorious stretch of beach in front of you. Picture sitting down to a delicious breakfast with an expanse of blue waters just metres away, gently lapping at the sand.

    Avoid The Pricey Seaside Restaurants

    If you go all inclusive on a Thomson Platinum or Falcon holiday, you can steer clear of the high prices charged by seaside restaurants and have your meals at the hotel. Some hotels also offer buffet meals, so you can return for second helpings.


    Nip Back When It Gets Too Hot

    Of course, the sun will be out and you’ll be soaking it up. If it gets too much, you can return to your hotel to take some shade or cool off in the hotel swimming pool. Grab a refreshing drink from the poolside bar, which may be included if you’ve gone all inclusive.

    Switch Between The Pool And The Sea

    Being beside the beach you can sample the best of both worlds. You can swim outdoors in the invigorating water and then dry off on the beach, or you can stay in the comfort of your hotel and take a refreshing dip. Both options are equally relaxing.

    Book a Platinum beach holiday with our sister company Thomson. With marvellous locations in Gran Canaria and Tenerife, to name a few, you’ll become a convert to the beach lifestyle. And that’s no bad thing!