• Celebrities are much more important, more desirable and more fashionable than the rest of us, wouldn’t you agree? No, you’re right, what a load of rubbish! But there’s no harm in having a quick look at what they’re wearing. Here we look at some celebrity fashion styles and some destinations where you can pull them off this summer. Sorry lads, this post is for girls only.

    Who: Taylor Swift

    Style: Elegant and ladylike

    Where: Bulgaria

    Shake off everyday life this summer on a trip to Bulgaria and add a touch of red carpet class to your wardrobe with a maxi dress in gold or gunmetal grey. Bulgaria is a rising star on the European holiday scene and it isn’t just all about lively resorts like Sunny Beach. The country is awash with relatively unexplored and undiscovered Black Sea beauty spots. Obzor is a good place to base yourself and find your inner Tay-Tay.

    Images of Taylor Swift by: Peter23394, oouinouin and Jenna Clare used under Creative Commons license.


    Who: Gwyneth Paltrow

    Style: Cool and casual

    Where: Costa del Sol

    Gwynneth Paltrow Costa del Sol and smiling

    Image by Georges Biard used under Creative Commons license.

    Gwyneth Paltrow is a rare breed, a Hollywood A-lister who still manages to maintain that ‘girl next door image’. Follow her lead and go for a preppy street style with an airy floral patterned shirt, sexy shorts and slip-ons.  In the evening, slip on a Parisian-style striped sweater or drape it over your shoulders. This look is absolutely perfect for sidling around the Costa del Sol in the sunshine. Just watch that the local paparazzi aren’t on your tail.


    Who: Miley Cyrus

    Style: Punky and fresh

    Where: Corfu

    Miley Cyrus giving concert in Corfu

    Image by calmdownlove used under Creative Commons license

    This good old fashioned cowgirl turned into a rebel a few years ago, and we lapped it up! Between ‘twerking’ and recording a string of hit records she has also played with a variety of different fashion styles. Emulate this fashion chameleon by filling your suitcase with lots of different looks. Take something in bubblegum pink and something in black leather for starters. Miley loves a pair of denim cut-offs, so pack a pair of those too. Strut your Miley medley on the Greek island of Corfu and enjoy the sun, sea and sand.


    Who: Caroline Flack

    Style: Beach Sharp

    Where: Cancun

    Caroline Flack in Cancun

    Images by Fraser Mummery, Mark Walker and Scottish Beauty Blog used under Creative Commons license.

    She’s the lovable presenter that made her name on the X Factor and we love her cheeky gags and stylish dress sense. Caroline rocks the bikini, blouse and Ray-Bans look and there’s nowhere better to try it than Cancun. This is just the place to get away from it all and sip cocktails in the sun for a few weeks. Packed with bars, restaurants, clubs and fun-loving travellers, it will bring out your cheeky, chilled-out side. Would you agree, Caroline?

    While we wait for a reply from Caz, why don’t you take a look at the range of hot holidays we offer? Think golden sand, sizzling sunshine and savings…