• Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, there are some items which can help you on your way to ensuring a smooth running trip. We all know to bring the basic travel essentials — passport, extra socks etc. — but there are also a lot of things that never even come to mind.

    So take a look at these travel essentials that are often forgotten, tap out a note of them on your phone and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a savvy traveller.

    A must-pack

    Possibly the most essential piece of travel gear is a universal travel adapter. You can use it all over the world and if you can grab one that has USB inputs as well as the standard plug input, you can even plug a few things in at once! Recharge yourself and your gadgets overnight and wake up ready to explore.

    Safety first

    Safety pins are a versatile, inexpensive tool that take up very little space in your luggage, leaving plenty of room for souvenirs. You can pin your pockets together with them, preventing valuables from falling out and getting lost, as well as deterring any would-be pickpockets. Of course, they also come in handy for quickly fixing any wardrobe mishaps and genuinely make for some of the best travel accessories.

    Luggage suitcase overflowing with clothes and travel accessories

    No more mess

    Pack up some wet wipes in your carry on luggage, which are particularly useful if you’re on a long haul flight, and keep sticky fingers at bay. Stash some extras in your checked-in luggage and take some with you in your daytime bag when you reach your destination and never ask for serviettes again! They’re also pretty convenient as a makeshift wet towel and can be used to refresh your face if you’re feeling dehydrated during your flight of while you’re out in the sun.

    Never run out of charge

    A portable battery pack is one of the most important travel essentials that deserves pride of place in your luggage. Your phone goes through a lot of use on holiday and no one wants to miss a photo opportunity simply because their phone has run out of charge! Find yourself a high quality, cheap portable battery pack and use your phone as much as you want without having to find a nearby café with a plug socket.

    Travel accessories like a mobile phone and travel charger

    Carry on luggage only? No problem

    Carrying scissors in your hand luggage is restricted, but nail clippers are allowed and easily double as scissors for small jobs like cutting loose threads. Another tip is to avoid taking physical books— they take up valuable space and make your bag much heavier than it needs to be. Instead, download books onto an eReader or tablet and enjoy your favourite book in a lighter form.

    The easiest way to guarantee you won’t forget any of these handy travel items is to keep them in your luggage bag all the time and replenish anything you’ve used or lost after each trip. Impress everyone with your preparation and make the most of your holiday safe in the knowledge that you have packed all your travel essentials away in your luggage.

    Now you’re kitted out with all the travel gear that a savvy traveller needs, why not decide where to go on your next trip?