• Jamaica is renowned as a party loving island, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Still reigning supreme after its emergence in the 1970s, dancehall culture plays a strong part in the island’s nightlife scene.

    Jamaica holidays are the perfect opportunity to let your hair down and experience this for yourself. The beaches and eateries of Montego Bay and Ocho Rios make them good daytime bases, but Negril is where you should head to spend your nights if you’re a party seeker.

    Young people on a beach in Negril, Jamaica, enjoying a Jamaica holiday

    Dance the night away at The Jungle Night Club

    Starting off with the biggest and the best, Jungle Night Club is one of the top nightclubs in Jamaica. This is the place to be if you’re craving a long, late night out with lots of dancing.

    Every Thursday is ladies’ night, so women get in free before 12am. Visit the club on a Saturday and your $15 admission pays for entry and an open bar for bottom shelf drinks. This mostly consists of beer and vodka.

    DJs play a mix of dancehall, hip hop and pop music, so get your dancing shoes ready and compete with the talented local dancers. It’s all in good fun, of course!

    Sip beer in paradise at Floyd’s Pelican Bar

    Few bars made of driftwood and located a mile out to sea would pass the ideas stage, but not even the ocean obstructs a good drink in Jamaica. Accessible only by boat, Floyd’s Pelican Bar is a favourite spot of visitors and locals in Negril.

    This community-run establishment is decorated with hats, licence plates and wood carvings which happy customers have left behind over the years. Although Floyd’s is more a bar than a Negril restaurant, they do sell freshly cooked fish and lobster for snacking on, and souvenirs crafted by local people to take home as a Jamaica holiday memento.

    Relaxing Jamaica beach holiday scene in Negril, Jamaica

    Receive a warm welcome at Colette’s Bar

    Colette’s large smile and the ‘welcome home’ sign above the door leave you in no doubt about why this bar is so popular. They’re the start of an evening filled with laughter, conversation and the development of new friendships. Colette’s Bar also boasts the title of having the coldest Red Stripe in Negril – perfect for a hot Jamaica evening!

    Have a night to remember on the One Love Bus Bar Crawl

    Before you visit any of these places, though, you might want to get things underway early with the One Love Bus Bar Crawl. This starts at approximately 2.00 pm and lasts until 7.00 pm. It’s a quintessential part of the Jamaican bar experience.  

    Born out of a love for Negril and a desire to support local businesses, the One Love Bus Bar Crawl transports visitors and locals looking for an afternoon tipple from bar to bar over the course of about five hours. The warmth and passion for the tour of its founder, Lenbert, make the crawl as memorable as the locals and the bars themselves.

    Couple drinking cocktails on a Jamaica beach in Negril, Jamaica  

    Whether you’re looking to make new friends or party until the sun comes up, Negril’s nightlife scene is the place to spend the night. A Jamaican party is like no other, so a trip to Jamaica should definitely be on your travel list. Now you know the best spots, all that’s left to do is get booking!