• Over the last decade, the past-time of paddle boarding, or stand up paddle boarding (SUP) as it’s also known, has grown in the US and Australia. But it’s so much fun that they’ve not been able to keep it to themselves! On Tenerife and other Canary Islands, locals have also taken a shine to this fun water sport.

    In this post, we look at why this activity, which involves standing upright on a surf board and paddling with a single oar, has become so popular. You’ll also read about why Tenerife holidays will put you really close to some of the best places to try it out.

    Couple paddle boarding in the sun on their Tenerife holidays, in the Canary Islands

    Why is paddle boarding so popular in Tenerife?

    Above all, it’s the favourable climate of Tenerife that makes this enjoyable outdoor sport so appealing. Thanks to the superb Canary Island weather throughout the year, both locals and visitors on holidays to Tenerife can get out on the board and paddle on the waters.

    The sheer variety of places not just in Tenerife, but in the Canary Islands themselves, give you lots of choices for where to take to your paddle board or do different beach activities. For instance, in Playa de las Américas, Tenerife, you can get out on your paddle board and catch some of the best waves. Los Cristianos, meanwhile, is a place for more leisurely relaxation – as well as being a popular place for yoga practitioners, the area has peaceful waters that are perfect for stand up paddle boarding or even some kayaking.

    The other main attraction of paddle boarding is that it’s so simple! The technique is straightforward and the exercise itself will strengthen your torso. Suitable for most people, it’s also a pleasant way to get a gentle workout – paddle boarders will feel connected with the natural world and enjoy the revitalising sea air.

    A couple out in the Canary Islands, kayaking on their Tenerife holidays

    The best places to paddle board on holiday in Tenerife

    If you’ve booked your Tenerife holidays in the south or west of the island and fancy going paddle boarding, you have chosen the right place. Many points near Tenerife are renowned for the quality of their waves and the number of watersports opportunities.

    In Playa de las Américas, there are surf schools that combine paddle board lessons and exploration. Sessions range from anything from one or two hours up to five hours – the shorter sessions are more suitable if you just feel like doing something different while you’re on your holidays in Tenerife and want a brief introduction to paddle boarding. In the longer sessions, as well as learning how to paddle board, you’ll venture out and hopefully see turtles and other marine life from the comfort of your board.

    Not far from Playa de las Americas is the town of Los Cristianos, with calm waters perfect for practicing with a paddle board. If you prefer hitting the sea in your own time, and at your own pace, you’re in luck – there are plenty of local places that provide paddle board rentals. Alternatively, you can go on an excursion with a water sports academy and maybe see some dolphins – the experience is said to be delightful!

    While you’re on your holiday in Tenerife, there’s no real need to go out and buy a cheap paddle board. More often than not, you’ll be provided with the right equipment when you take your paddle boarding lessons.

    Girl on Tenerife holidays, running into the sea with her back to the camera, out in the Canary Islands

    Are you the active kind? Book yourself a holiday to Tenerife, or one of our other Canary Island destinations, and try your hand at this popular sport while you’re there. Get ready to have fun!