• We all know that travelling is one of the best ways to broaden your mind. And while solo travelling can be a rewarding thing to do, sometimes it is better to have someone to share your experiences with. That doesn’t mean travelling with others is easy, in fact there are some things you might want to keep in mind to make sure you don’t become the travel companion from hell.

    Close up of two women travelling together and taking a selfie

    Don’t be selfish

    Remember that you’re not travelling alone. That means there need to be some give and take – you need to adapt to your companion’s style of travel and vice versa. Although you might want to be on the go and meet new people every waking hour of the day, your friend may prefer to take things easier, so don’t be selfish and try to always get your own way. Give them some space, do your own thing for a bit and then meet up later.

    Naturally, travel fosters companionship, but don’t just help yourself to your friend’s things, no matter how sure you are they’d lend you them. Ask first if you need to borrow something. If you keep having to borrow the item repeatedly, consider buying your own. Pay back any money you ask them to lend you, or, failing that, foot an extra share of the bill for expenses to compensate.

    Be flexible and open to new experiences

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    It’s sensible to have a plan so that you can make the most of your travel experience. However, travel can throw up all kinds of situations that disrupt arrangements and you don’t want to add to the burden by being a stick in the mud.

    The trick is to simply roll with the events, even if the plan goes out of the window. View as an opportunity the things that some might see as a problem or disruption. A bit of spontaneity is enjoyable when you’re travelling, so be willing to step out of your comfort zone and try new things or visit different places.

    Respect other cultures

    There’s nothing worse than ignorance. If, in your location, people do things differently to the way you’d do them back home and you don’t like, don’t loudly berate them. It’s embarrassing not just for the person on the receiving end of your scathing criticism, but also for the person travelling with you.

    Don’t just leave all the responsibilities to the other person

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    You’re travelling together and, as such, should share the responsibilities. Let your travel companion look at getting from A to B, managing the money, etc. if that’s what they’re best at, but then you should research places to visit or places to eat. Burdening just one person with the whole workload will create bad vibes between the two of you, and that’s not what travelling in company is about at all.

    Being a good travel companion will allow you both to have a great holiday, rather than being at loggerheads during this time away. Of course, the first thing you must agree on is where to go. Browse our holidays together and pick the perfect destination for you both. An amazing trip awaits.