• Today we’re going to let you in on a little secret: holidays make you happy in all sorts of ways. Long before you board the plane or get to the hotel, your holiday is already working its magic, starting the minute you begin searching for your dream holiday. As soon as you click ‘book now’, you’ll get a nice little wave of that holiday magic, and the rising anticipation will give you another boost the closer your trip gets. This is just the start – here are eight ways that taking a holiday can make you a happier person.


    Everyday life is full of stresses and strains, things that you may not even notice gradually gnawing away at you. It’s important to take a break from your routine to recharge your batteries. The simple freedom of a holiday where you have nothing to do but enjoy yourself is the perfect breathing space. Take some peace and quiet, relax and enjoy the little things. This is the essence of happiness.

    Detox from technology

    Being connected is the best. We can get in touch with people so easily these days. But too much of a good thing is dangerous and many of us relish the chance to put down our devices for a week or two. Turn your mobile off and stop scanning social media. Don’t you feel better already?


    There is a reason why so many of us head for the beach during holiday time. Sunshine and warmth are top mood boosters – and a suntan will make you feel on top of the world when you come back home.

    Social connections

    Friends all happy and running on a beach

    Holidays give us the chance to make new friends and reconnect with old ones. You connect instantly to a place when you travel there, meaning that forever afterwards you’ll see that country in a friendly light and look back on that holiday with fond memories.


    Travelling, especially travelling alone, is an unparalleled way to foster Independence and self-sufficiency. Organising a holiday makes you feel great, as does successfully dealing with unexpected situations once you’re there. Holidays also give us things to talk about with others.

    You can taste it

    Nothing makes us quite as happy as a truly delicious meal. Many of us travel to top food destinations for this very reason. We’re lucky to have Spain and Italy on our doorstep, countries where eating well is a part of everyday life.

    Friends having a laugh over a picnic together

    Broaden your mind

    Travelling allows us to see the bigger picture and put things in perspective. Meeting new people and experiencing other ways of life can make you realise that your life isn’t so too bad. But don’t reflect too much – just enjoy yourself!  

    Money well spent

    Spending money on a fun holiday is better than buying material goods. The idea that you need to buy bigger and better things to be happy in life is false. True happiness will come from experiencing a new place with the ones you love (and sharing your memories on Facebook, of course).

    If all else fails, remember to smile! And if you’re seeking further inspiration, look no further than our sumptuous range of holidays. There’s sure to be something to take your fancy.