• When you return from a holiday or long-term travel adventure, you don’t want to be telling all your friends you missed out on certain sights or experiences. You want to be able to them you crammed in loads and had the most awesome time ever. The travel advice below will show you how to explore the world like a boss, like a seasoned jet-setter, and spare you those awkward silences in the conversation when you get back.

    Don’t be thrifty

    You’re travelling the world to have experiences, so don’t be trying to pinch the cents at every turn. If something seems expensive to you, think about where you are and how hard you’ve saved and worked to pay for the trip. Suppose you’ve travelled all the way to Mexico. How often will you go back there? Make the most of the opportunity, even if it means splashing out a bit more on an activity or trip. Remember: you’re not just paying to see more of the world, but also to broaden your perspective and enhance your worldview.

    Upgrade your hotel room

    Yes, you can have a standard hotel room if you wish. It’s just somewhere to lay your head while you’re away from home, after all. That’s the conventional way of thinking. But you’re travelling and out to live life to the full, so make your hotel room a part of the travel experience and choose that something a little bit more chic.

    Treat yourself to a room that has its own hot tub or a balcony that looks out onto ocean views or a majestic backdrop of mountains. Feeling a little bit indulgent? Book a ‘swim-up hotel room’, which places you a few short steps away from the pool.  

    Take spontaneous tours

    When you hire a travel guide, they’ll take you round the must-see attractions – all the special parts of your destination you should not miss. And as well as going on standard tours, it pays to make friends with locals who know the area and the places you otherwise might not see. Perhaps they’re heading to a local event, such as a music festival, that you didn’t know about and they invite you to tag along, or maybe they know a hidden gem that will enrich your travel adventure even more. Seize the moment and visit!

    Image of a waterfall and greenery

    Dress stylishly

    Think about your destination and buy sharp clothes that match the location. You don’t have to go out totally dressed to kill, but you still want to look the part. The change of scenery and the switch of wardrobe to accompany it will give you even more confidence while you travel. Between the clothes and your ‘travel attitude’, you’ll project the air of someone who’s done this all before and just takes it in their stride.

    Image of a red high heeled shoe and matching handbag to go shopping when you travel

    This advice guide will enable you to travel like a boss and make the most of your experience as you trot the globe, whether short term or long term. Take note of these tips and you can master the art of travel.

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