• After you’ve tied the knot, it’s time to celebrate with a holiday that the two of you will remember. If you’re making your wedding plans this year and looking at places to spend your honeymoon, we’d like to suggest turning your thoughts to the islands of Greece.

    Oozing scenery and sunshine, the Greek islands are just the way to start your new life together. This is our guide to some of the best islands in Greece for honeymooners. These locations will have you swooning for each other even more than when you first arrived.


    Crete is unspeakably romantic, and that’s partly due to island locations like the old town of Rethymno, in the north. Here, you can stroll hand in hand and admire elements of Renaissance architecture that infuse the destination with a special atmosphere. Dine at one of the restaurants on the Venetian harbour in the evening. The sight of the sun setting on the seafront will ramp up the romance factor further.

    Then there are fairy-tale villages like Elounda, which sits nonchalantly on the northern coast of the island. This gem offers a charming retreat for honeymooners who want to escape the crowds. It’s blessed with one of those beautiful sandy beaches which make the Greek islands famous. What could be better than slipping off your shoes and feeling the silky sand between your toes together as you walk along the beach?

    Love heart drawn in sand on Corfu beach


    Not to be outdone by Crete, Corfu has plenty of spots to savour the sunset together in each other’s arms. One such place is the Old Fortress, on the eastern side of Corfu’s old town. Built by the Venetians to protect the island against attack from the sea, the fortress affords visitors an inspiring view out onto the waves. Entry is free, leaving you with a little extra spending money for those keepsakes you’ll want to buy for your loved one.

    Honeymooners should also visit the Canal d’Amour beach. Found in Sidari, its name translates as ‘channel of love’, and this place is considered one of the best locations on the island for couples. The rock formations feature several small, sheltered coves, making it a nice place to snuggle up to your beloved in the sunshine. Local legend says if you swim in the channel of love, you’ll stay together forever.

    Canal d'Amour at Sidari beach


    You can’t help but feel extra enamoured when you set foot on Rhodes. Towns such as Lindos and locations like St Paul’s Bay waste no time in capturing your attention. In Lindos, climb up to the ancient Acropolis. You’ll be rewarded with a commanding view of the town and the sea. This is your chance to take some fabulous photographs – including a couple selfie, of course!   

    Also, Rhodes is more than just a honeymoon location. Perhaps you’re thinking of getting down on one knee this year? Why not choose Rhodes and ask that all-important question against the backdrop of the Acropolis? The answer has got to be a big yes.

    These are just a few destinations where you can spend a fantastic honeymoon. And whether you choose a honeymoon spot in Crete, Corfu or Rhodes, each island serves up the ideal setting for that blissful first holiday as a wedded couple. Wherever you travel, please share your snaps with us on social media. We’d love to see them!