• A holiday to Jamaica is an opportunity indulge in unbeatable resorts and challenge yourself to try new things. Taste and learn about some of the finest rum you’ll ever drink, sample classic dishes such as ackee and saltfish and climb the Dunn’s River Falls. One of the most exhilarating experiences you can ever have, however, is horseback riding in Jamaica. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned rider with a stable of your own, booking a few hours to see this delightful Caribbean island on horseback is a fantastic choice.  

    Tips for horse riding beginners

    For beginners, horse riding may seem a little daunting, initially. To help you and your horse feel comfortable, approach the horse in an arc rather than a straight line. This makes the animal aware of your presence without causing it to feel nervous. Now that you and the beast are acquainted with each other, mount your horse from the left-hand side. You can keep proper balance when you’re up and riding, by imagining there should be a straight line from your ear through to your shoulder, hip and heel.

    Follow these tips for beginners and the instructions of your guides and you’ll be riding confidently around the island in no time!

    Black horse and white horse on Jamaican beach

    Ride into the Caribbean Sea in Montego Bay

    Think of Jamaica and Montego Bay will never be far from your thoughts. It has the white sand beaches, coconut trees and colourful hammocks that epitomise the Jamaican landscape. Explore the area a little more with a horseback ride in Montego Bay and you’ll get the opportunity to see ‘Mo Bay’s’ surrounding farmland and the ruins of an 18th century sugar plantation.

    Once you’ve rode through the backcountry that surrounds Montego Bay, you’ll head back to the beach for more adventures on horseback. Imagine you’re the star of a music video as you ride on the back of your trusty steed and straight into the warm Caribbean Sea. Riding into the ocean is as thrilling as it looks, but be sure to bring a change of clothes or swimwear for this part of the excursion.

    Beach hut in Jamaica

    Experience Ocho Rios on horseback

    Ride through Ocho Rios to learn more about the complex history of Jamaica and stop off along the way to take a few holiday snaps. Most tours offer collection and drop off services from your hotel, meaning there’s no need to worry about directions. Groups usually comprise 10 to 15 horses and riders, so if you’ve ever fancied starring in your own cowboy adventure, now’s the time to live out the fantasy! For some quality time together, you can choose a private ride which you and your family, friends or travel partner can enjoy together.

    Memories are the best souvenirs, so be sure to make the most of every second of your Jamaican holiday! Relish the challenge of trying new things – whether it’s horseback riding or one of the island’s deliciously spicy curries – pushing yourself is always worth it and it’s sure to become one of your most cherished holiday experiences.  

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