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    What kind of hat should you be wearing this season? Take a look at our guide to finding the right summer hat to suit  your face shape…

    Thank you, Mr Weatherman. You’ve certainly done us proud in the past few weeks. Out are the boots and jumpers we were coveting in May, and in are the shorts and flip flops that have been hiding in our wardrobes all winter.

    And then there are the sunshine-appropriate accessories to think about – the shades, the swimwear, and – of course – the all-important hat. Because not only does a well-chosen piece of headwear protect from harmful UV rays, it also has the power to completely switch up your look.


    But the question is, are you sporting the right style for your face shape? Take a look at our guide to find out…

    Your face shape is… Heart (Just like Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Gosling)

    Your hat style is… Trilby

    The tried-and-tested trilby is one of the cheapest looks out there. If you’ve been blessed with a face shaped like a heart, make one of these part of your summer wardrobe, pronto. The narrow brim is more flattering than a wide brim, which will give the illusion of a pointier chin.


    Your face shape is… Long (Same as Steve Tyler and Gwyneth Paltrow)

    Your hat style is… Cowboy

    One of the most iconic hat designs of the past century is best suited to the long-faced among us. Why? Basically, the low crown and downward-facing brim gives the face more width, making everything look more in proportion.


    Your face shape is… Square (À la Sandra Bullock and Brad Pitt)

    Your hat style is… Floppy/Wide-brimmed

    This one is a bit of a no-brainer. In a nutshell, the edges of a floppy hat help to soften the strong angles typical of a square face. Not only that, but this type of hat will keep you really well protected from the sun.


    Your face shape is… Round (Think Kevin Spacey and Mila Kunis)

    Your hat style is… Panama

    Panama hats are great for round-faced ladies and gents, as a high and narrow crown helps to elongate the face. A word of warning – keep well away from bowler hats, which will make your face look even rounder.


    Your face shape is… Oval (We’re talking Will Smith and Beyoncé)

    Your hat style is… Bucket

    Lucky owners of oval-shaped faces can get away with pretty much any style. So this summer, give the bucket hat a go. It may have slight Kevin and Perry connotations, but this look was big news on the catwalks at London Fashion Week. It’s even been given the A-list seal of approval – Rihanna and Pharrell have recently been spotted working the trend. And if it’s good enough for a man who consistently tops the World’s Best Dressed lists…


    Which hat style will you be wearing on the beach this summer?

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