• Nadia El Ferdaoussi

    Travel tech and gadgets you shouldn’t leave home without. Here are our top 8 must have travel gadgets for less stress and more success on your next trip.

    1. Noise cancelling headphones

    The best money you will ever spend, these are priceless for air travel. There is no degree of reclining seat that will compensate for cabin noise or ear plugs that’ll drown out noisy neighbours, so do yourself a favour and travel with noise cancelling headphones for your next flight.

    Bose QuietComfort 25 from €299.99

    1. E-Reader

    Amazon Kindle’s Paperwhite reads like real paper, except with the added bonus of adjustable brightness. Read your favourite book(s) in bright sunlight or dimly lit airplane cabins without any glare or harsh blue lighting like on a tablet. The Kindle is lighter than a single paperback book but can hold thousands of titles and the battery lasts weeks. A must have for any bookworm.

    Amazon Kindle PaperWhite from €139.99

    1. Speakers

    Bluetooth speakers are an essential home comfort when travelling. Link up to your smartphone via Bluetooth to listen to offline playlists or stream local radio, or your favourite station from home (try the free TuneIn Radio App).

    The UE Roll is perfect for your hotel room, but the 360 sound works great on the beach or at the pool too. The elasticated band allows you to clip the speaker onto any number of surfaces or even hang in the shower, as it’s also water resistant! Pair to another UE bluetooth speaker for stereo sound at parties.

    UE Roll 2 – €89.99

    1. Power bank

    Think big when choosing a power bank, a portable charger that needs to be recharged as often as your device is counterintuitive. One of the best value for money comes in the form of this 12000mAh one that can charge two devices at once and can fully charge a smartphone up to 6 full charges.

    Kit Fresh 12000 mAh Power Bank – €44.99

    1. Camera

    Perfect for travel, try the world’s lightest DSLR, the new Canon EOS 200D. The viewfinder is perfect for framing photos in sunlight when the screen is hard to see and the WiFi function enables you to transfer professional quality photos straight to your smartphone to upload on social media. The camera even has a selfie mode and is perfect for creating short movies.

    Canon EOS 200d from €599.99

    1. Travel adaptor

    Syncwire’s 4 port USB wall charger comes with interchangeable UK, US and EU travel connectors so you won’t need to bring separate adaptors for different countries. You can charge your devices in the airport or at your layover and then at your final destination all with the one plug, plus the charger detects different devices for faster, more efficient charging. Also comes with a lifetime warranty.

    SyncWire –  £13.99

    1. Digital luggage scales

    The No More Excess, Advanced Digital Luggage Scales can weigh up to 40kg but weighs only 175g itself, meaning you can carry this lightweight, portable digital scales away to help avoid excess weight charges both going to and coming home from your holidays when you’ve got those all important purchases to carry back.

    No More Excess Advanced Digital Luggage Scales – £8.49

    1. Camera/smartphone tripod

    Up your travel photography game with a travel tripod like the Joby Gorillapod which can be manipulated to work on pretty much any surface. The flexible legs wrap can even wrap around trees and poles to secure the perfect angle for your photo. Choose from the range

    and hold your camera steady to perfect those family portraits while using your camera or smartphone on timer for a next level selfie

    Joby GorillaPod – from £17